Cape Saint Blaize Classic Gin 70 cl. 43 % -
Cape Saint Blaize Classic Gin 70 cl. 43 % -
Cape Saint Blaize Classic Gin 70 cl. 43 % -
Cape Saint Blaize Classic Gin 70 cl. 43 % -
Cape Saint Blaize Classic Gin 70 cl. 43 % -

Cape Saint Blaize Classic Gin 70 cl. 43%

Cape Saint Blaize Distillery
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Cape Saint Blaize Classic Gin

Unique and accomplished South African craftsmanship!

A distillery where everything is handmade, from picking botanicals, to distilling, bottling, applying labels and not least the casting of their unique ceramic bottles.

Cape Saint Blaize Gin is to be considered a distillery with an artistic approach to producing uniquely tasty and incredibly beautiful gin.

It is distilled in their historic Okkerladen buildings in Mossel Bay in South Africa. They make a virtue of using well-tested and old traditions. all this to ensure you get a unique and well-balanced gin – every time.

The handmade ceramic bottles are based on age-old traditions from the area and it is clear that energy and heart are put into it throughout the entire production of this gin.

CAPE SAINT BLAIZE CLASSIC GIN is a classic and almost artistically distilled gin, it has bittersweet notes that are expressed already in the nose. A fantastic symphony of notes from Lime, Carissa, Elderflower, Wild Rosemary and the roasted spices that form the base.

It is not a sweet nor a traditional dry bitter gin, there is a wonderful golden middle ground here. It sticks really piquantly on the tongue and in the cheeks, really delicious and then it has a slightly subtle aftertaste of mint - really fresh.

It's a long aftertaste that plays tricks with you and opens up as it stays in the mouth.

There is nothing to say that we have a great love for South African Gin, they simply know something with their botanicals that is not possible anywhere else in the world.

This gin is self-written for a classic Gin & Tonic, with a slightly dry Indian Tonic, some citrus and a few juniper berries.

Tasting notes:

Colour: Crystal clear.

Nose: Full and at the same time light notes of elderflower, lime, rosemary and plum give a fresh and inviting scent.

Taste: First mild and light with a delicate touch of flowers and citrus before the body becomes a little fuller and warmer. We get fine notes of crisp juniper berries and roasted spices. The body is quite complex but at the same time mild.

Texture: Luxurious and soft.

Aftertaste: Lots of freshness with notes of both lime, apples and elderflower, which gives a light floral sweetness. Very easy drinking gin!

Mixed with: Enjoy it with either an Indian or Mediterranean Tonic and use fresh rosemary as a garnish.

Botanicals: Juniper, Honeybush, Wild Rosemary, Lime, Plum, Elderflower, Apples, Rose Geranium and Rhubarb.

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