About us


A Brand by SA PREMIUM ApS.

SA PREMIUM ApS is driven by an unwavering passion for South Africa's finest spirits—ranging from gin to rum and brandy. Our vision is to bring the very best of South Africa's distilleries to Denmark through a carefully curated selection of high-quality products. Every product we offer represents a unique story and an uncompromising commitment to quality, social responsibility, and sustainability.

The mission of SA PREMIUM ApS is simple yet ambitious: to import and offer unparalleled South African spirit products that place the customer at the center, delivering an exceptional quality experience every time. We focus on building a close community around our products, from the dedicated employees at South African distilleries, our transporters, to the end consumers.

Our core values—social responsibility, equal dignity, respect for the individual, partnership, and in-depth knowledge of both our customers and distilleries—serve as the compass for our company. These principles guide every decision we make and differentiate our brand in a competitive market.

SA PREMIUM ApS takes its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability seriously. We take responsibility for the social and environmental consequences of our activities by proactively choosing sustainable distilleries and supporting local initiatives.

Passionately Crafted - One Batch at a Time!